Find answers to frequently asked questions about the SIMA show.

The essential

  • Where and when will the SIMA take place?

    SIMA will take place from 24 to 27 November 2024 at the Parc des expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte - France.

    SIMA will be open from Sunday to Thursday from 8.30 am to 6 pm.


  • Can minors come to the show?
    Please note that as SIMA is a trade show, there are no special children's rates. However, children aged 12 and over can enter the show without a visitor's badge. There are no services dedicated to children on site (nursery, playground...).
  • Is there a group rate?

    For a group of 10 or more visitors, the single badge costs €25 (incl. VAT) when registering online.

    The SIMA badge purchased at the entrance to the show will cost 48€ (all taxes included).

  • Is there a student rate?
    1. Online: FREE WITH PROOF for individual students or groups of students
    2. At the entrance of the exhibition: FREE WITH PROOF for individual students or groups of students

    Please note that in all cases, proof of identity is required at the time of registration. The request for student badges is subject to acceptance by the SIMA team.

  • I have an invitation card / invitation code, how do I get my badge?
    You can use your code by pre-registering online on our website : coming soon
  • Is my badge valid for the duration of the exhibition?
    Your badge gives you permanent access to the show: you can use it during the 5 days of the show and come several days with this badge.
  • How to register online?
    On our website: coming soon


  • I would like to apply for a VISA letter
    Once you have ordered your badge, you can request your invitation letter for your VISA from your personal space. A SIMA invitation letter will be sent to you by email and you will have to hand in this letter directly to the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Please note that the embassy or consulate is the sole decision-maker in obtaining your VISA and is your only contact for any further questions.

General information

  • How to get to the SIMA?

    By RER, By plane, By train. All the information relating to transport is available here 

    By RER

    • From Paris (Châtelet / Gare du Nord): take the RER B towards Roissy CDG airport, and get off at "Parc des Expositions". Estimated travel time: 25 min.
    • From Roissy CDG airport: take the RER B to the TGV station and get off at "Parc des Expositions". Estimated travel time: 10 min.

    Please note: we advise you to buy your return ticket at your departure station because of the large number of people leaving the exhibition.

    By PLANE

    Discounts on a wide range of public fares on all flights. AIR FRANCE KLM discount (coming soon): 

    • Code Identifier: -
    • Valid for travel between - .
    • To take advantage of this offer, go to here

    RCD <-> SIMA :

    The rotation schedules of the shuttles are as follows:

    • 8am - 11am
    • 4pm - 7pm

    Every 30 minutes. Drop off and pick up on the esplanade

  • Which hotels are close to the exhibition?
    Benefit from a preferential rate on your hotel reservation! All information is available here
  • Is there a charge for parking?

    Yes, all car parks are chargeable.

    Car parks P1, P2 and P3 (14,000 parking spaces) are provided by the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

    Payment is made when you leave the car park.

    • From 0 to 3 hours : 0,80€ / 15min
    • From 3h01 to 6h: 0,70€ / 15min
    • From 6h01 to 7h: 0,40€ / 15min
    • From the 8th to the 24th hour: 20€
    • For each additional 24 hours: 20€
    • Bus fare per day: 40€
    • Lost ticket per 24 hours: 20€
  • How do I register online?

    To get your SIMA badge, you can register online (recommended for a good price and to avoid the queue at the entrance of the show).

    Go here (coming soon) and below are the steps to follow:

    • Fill in your details and your professional activity online
    • If you wish, order the Exhibitor Catalogue on site (20€)
    • If you have made a purchase and do not have an invitation for a free badge (Exhibitors' Catalogue), you must pay online
    • Finally, you will automatically receive your badge(s) by email. This badge is your admission ticket to the exhibition. Print it and present it at the SIMA reception desk
  • How do I get into the exhibition?
    • You have registered before the exhibition on our website: Direct access to the exhibition on presentation of your badge received by email and which you have printed.
    • You have an invitation card:
      • Option 1: Go to our website to register: enter the code that appears on your invitation card, fill in the registration form and confirm your order. You will automatically receive an email containing your badge. Print the badge and present it at the exhibition reception. A PRIVILEGE (to avoid queuing)
      • Option 2: If you did not request your badge beforehand, you must present your invitation card at the entrance and provide the necessary information to obtain your access badge
    • If you do not have a badge or an invitation card: you can buy a badge (€48) at one of the ticket offices located at the entrances and provide the necessary information to obtain your access badge
    • You have a free code: This is only valid on our website before the exhibition: you must therefore register online here (coming soon). Enter your free code in the indicated area, complete the form and validate your order. You will automatically receive an email containing your badge. Print the badge and present it at the exhibition reception. This way you avoid the queue!
  • Is there a cloakrooms at the SIMA?
    Cloakrooms are only available at the entrances to Halls 5A and 7


  • How to contact the SIMA team?
    Please contact the exhibitor hotline: +33 (0)1 40 68 23 00
  • Where is the list of exhibitors?
    You can find it on our website here

The exhibitors' catalogue

  • What is the price of the exhibitor catalogue?
    • By buying it online on our website (when you register): 20 €
    • At the entrance of the exhibition: 25 €
  • How to receive the SIMA catalogue before the show?
    It is not possible to have the catalogue before the exhibition. However, you can consult the list of exhibitors here
  • How to order the SIMA catalogue before the show?
    When you request your badge on our website, you can order a catalogue (20€) and pick it up directly at the show. You will receive by email, along with your badge, a receipt of your purchase to pick up your catalogue at an info point of the show.
  • How to order the SIMA catalogue after the exhibition?

    After the SIMA, please send your request with a cheque for 25€ to the following address:

    EXPOSIMA / SIMA - Frédérique Brunet

    70 avenue du Général De Gaulle

    92058 Paris La Défense Cedex