To highlight solutions and technologies for high-performance, sustainable agriculture, SIMA has created SIMA TECH!
Visitors in front of the start-up village

SIMA TECH: above all, a place for meetings and dialogue at the centre of the show

Here, you will find tangible solutions to today’s agricultural challenges, but also the technologies and practices of tomorrow.

To bring this space to life, SIMA has teamed up with organisations specialising in a range of domains: technical institutes, the world of research, user and manufacturer associations, chambers of agriculture, machine builders, etc.

3 major subjects faced by famers today will be highlighted:

  • Improving the profitability of my farm
  • Reducing environmental impact and taking into account the agro-ecological transition
  • Reducing drudgery and improving safety at work

These will be addressed through a series of talks, workshops and meetings but also through a unique offering of solutions.

A shared zone at the heart of the show

Located in hall 6, SIMA TECH will comprise:

  • A central area devoted to talks, workshops and networking
  • Start-ups
  • Manufacturers of agricultural robots
  • A pitch and discussion area dedicated to start-ups and the offering in robotics
  • Foresight content

Among the area’s active participants: AXEMA, GOFAR, La Ferme Digitale, INRAE, ACTA, APCA, UIPP, GNIS, UFS, IBMA, RobAgri, Naïo, Claas, Sulky, Exxact Robotics, Kubota, CarbonBee, Sitia…

Visitors in front of the start-up village

Start-up Village

Designed as a special show feature, the Start-Up Village will be located in Hall 6 at the heart of the SIMA TECH zone. The friendly Start-Up Village is a real springboard to help young businesses get noticed alongside the big names. For this new edition, 70 companies will be gathered!

Moreover, product pitches and workshops about agriculture today’s challenges will be held every day in a dedicated conference area (agenda to be released soon).

The SIMA Start-Up Village is organized in partnership with :

La Ferme Digitale

Created in 2016, La Ferme Digitale is now the reference association in innovation, the environment, food in French and European agriculture. Its challenge is to promote innovation and digital technology for efficient, sustainable and civic-minded agriculture. It brings together 100 members (+95 in 6 years) with a network of more than 2,000 employees.

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation

French competitiveness cluster created in 2007, located in Occitania and New Aquitaine, specialized in supporting innovation projects in the agri-food and agro-industry.

2022 Start-up list :


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Abelio offers a turnkey solution for automated crop monitoring, from the acquisition of plot data to the analysis and reporting of results. Thanks to different artificial intelligence models, data are processed and centralized under a single platform and a single contract. This allows farmers, through their cooperative or trade, to access a multitude of decision support tools, adapted to their daily life and their crops.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Agriconomie is the first marketplace specialized in agricultural supplies (supplies of seeds, parts, equipment, fertilizers, etc.).


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

AgriVitechis a designer of SaaS (Software as a System) mainly designed for agricultural or wine-growing companies such as coops and/or traders.


Member Of Agri Sud Ouest Innovation

Aptimiz: the solution to automatic measure and analysis of agricultural working time. Boost your profitability and improve your daily life by the precise knowledge and control of your working time thanks to an app without any data entry.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

BAOBA is the 1st “all in one” agricultural platform 100% cloud and mobile for plants and animals’ productions that’s fits in the pocket. BAOBA is dedicated to famers that work with their partners like, breeders, vets, agronomic and zootechny consultants, coops, organizations, agri-food industries. BAOBA transforms the way to create new value in agricultural world for all actors, from farms to forks, thanks to the data and the numeric transformation.

Cap 2020

Member Of La Ferme Digitale & Agri Sud Ouest Innovation

For the evaluation and control of agroclimatic risks and those linked to bio-aggressors, Cap 2020 offers two complementary and interconnected ranges of services: • a metIS® service which includes the supply of agroclimatic data (generated by the Virtual Weather Stations® and/or measured by the metIS connected acquisition units) and agronomic expertise to control agro-pedo-climatic risks and optimize decision-making at both the agronomic and logistical or economic levels, • a range of CapTrap® connected sensors for real-time monitoring of insect pests and biodiversity in agricultural areas in order to intervene at the optimum time while reducing monitoring costs.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale means less administrative procedures and access to better prices for the sale of your products.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Dilepix is a French startup that combines expertise in artificial intelligence (neural networks developed in-house) with advanced skills in image analysis. The combination of these two technologies allows for ultra-precise detection and localisation of agronomic threats and opportunities. Present in the livestock and robotics markets, Dilepix has developed software solutions to automatically monitor animal activity (pigs, cattle, insects) in real time.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Ekylibre develops open source tools for the agricultural world to enable a more efficient and simpler management of farms.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale & Agri Sud Ouest Innovation

Farmleap is an economic, technical and environmental benchmarking platform for farmers and their partners. Our solutions enable stakeholders to lead the coordination, networking and comparison of data and practices to advance farms.

Futura Gaïa

Member Of La Ferme Digitale & Agri Sud Ouest Innovation

In less than three years, Futura Gaïa has developed the most mature turnkey vertical farming solution in Europe. By combining precision agronomy and technological innovations, the farms sold by Futura Gaïa enable the local, pesticide-free, year-round production of vegetables and fruit with impeccable health, nutritional and taste qualities. Thanks to its rotating geoponic cultivation system and its largely automated and robotic approach, Futura Gaïa's solution limits as much as possible the impact on the use of natural resources (drinking water and arable land) and guarantees plants with an optimised concentration of active principles.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Hyperplan is a SaaS platform for a food chain facing more and more volatility.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Temperature management helps to avoid mould, insects and recurrent displacements. Javelot is committed to reducing your storage costs and takes you towards insecticide free by equipping all your sites with connected thermometry. Follow your temperatures from your home and be alerted in case of overheating.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Rennes, France-based Kermap is a supplier of strategic geospatial information with a core value: facilitating access to data provided by satellite imagery, using innovative AI processes. The company's offering includes on-demand geointelligence and decision support services for local authorities and businesses. Besides, our Nimbo solution provides turnkey analytics on land use, with a focus on near-real time field and crop monitoring up to the continental scale: crop identification, crop rotation, cover crops, impact of climate hazards.... Such data helps the farming industry address supply chain optimization issues, quantify transitions to sustainable agriculture practices and implement measures towards climate resilience.

Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Lisy is an easy-to-use and free tool for food professionals dedicated to short circuits.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

MiiMOSA is the first crowdfunding site for agriculture and food.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Mycophyto offers a natural alternative to pesticides, fungicides and other chemical pollutants that deplete soil biodiversity. We work for a sustainable agriculture by creating mycorrhizal plants and fungi. The soils are progressively revitalized, plants immunity is strengthened, and the yield is higher.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale & Agri Sud Ouest Innovation

MyEasyFarm is a decision support platform that provides farmers and their partners with a complete set of features to optimize the management of a farm.

Naio Technologies

Member Of La Ferme Digitale & Agri Sud Ouest Innovation

Agricultural and viticultural robots for a more human, profitable, healthy and sustainable agriculture.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

NeoFarm designs and manages turnkey organic vegetable farms for its partners.

Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Ombrea develops a climate control solution


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

Socleo is the software partner of short circuits since 2007. Whether you are a producer, a processor, a collective, a distributor or a regional platform, we have a solution to help you better manage your commercial, logistical and administrative activities.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

The first certified carbon offset program for field crop farmers that values the transition to regenerative agriculture.


Member Of La Ferme Digitale

STOCK CO2 offers free and turnkey support to farmers, cooperatives and agricultural advisers to make the most of the carbon potential of each farm. The company takes care of the carbon labeling and sells the carbon credits issued by the farms to companies, individuals or public actors wishing to offset their emissions in France.

Member Of La Ferme Digitale & Agri Sud Ouest Innovation is the first agricultural machinery rental site created by farmers for farmers.

Robotics village by FIRA

A village dedicated to the development of robotics in agriculture

Located in the SIMA TECH area, the heart of the new technology and precision farming sector (hall 6), this village will shine a light on the development of robotics in agriculture by bringing together a unique offering.

In this venue conducive to exchange and interaction, manufacturers will also benefit from the pitch stage in the SIMA TECH area to present their own robots. All this will be presented and hosted by GOFAR experts.

The agricultural robotics village by FIRA also includes a series of talks, jointly curated with GOFAR. In a dedicated lecture room, every day, come and join in with round tables and workshops dealing with the development of robotics in farming:

  • Agricultural robots: the new agricultural revolution?
  • Robots in the field: now a reality!
  • Robots to alleviate the tough working conditions of farmers
  • Agricultural robotics for the benefit of row crops
  • Robots to reduce (or eliminate) the use of chemical products
  • Agricultural robotics for the benefit of viticulture
  • Agricultural robotics: my job is changing. What consequences and what support?
  • Agricultural robotics for the benefit of fruit and vegetables.
  • Agricultural robotics for the benefit of livestock
  • Product pitches by robot manufacturers.

Speakers from all over the world
will come to share their experience and vision of agricultural robotics, also offering an opportunity for dialogue, as these round tables and workshops aim to be as interactive as possible.

Detailed programme coming later.